What’s Ahead for the Community Bank Director? Find Out at the 148th Assembly for Bank Directors in the Bahamas

The Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) Foundation will convene its 148th Assembly for Bank Directors January 17–20, 2019, at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau, The Bahamas. Bank directors and their spouses from across the U.S. are expected to participate in a program that includes technology expert Trey Maust, management consultant Lyle Sussman, cybersecurity authority Chris Furlow, bank finance expert Bill Chittenden, M&A strategist Dory Wiley, credit management consultant Dev Strischek, customer relations consultant Marci Armstrong, industry insider Cindy Blankenship and leadership authority Chris Williston.

“Bank director training has become key in community banking success stories,” says S. Scott MacDonald, PhD, SWGSB Foundation president. “We take special care to make sure our programs reflect boards’ latest concerns. And this assembly is appropriately entitled, What’s Ahead for the Community Bank Director. Our faculty are eager to address the many issues facing directors now and share the solutions they’ve devised for competing effectively. The 148th Assembly for Bank Directors will provide a complete overview of what lies ahead and what key steps must be taken to ensure a solid, highly profitable future.”

The assembly will cover a number of important topics, including “Lessons in Leadership: What I’ve Learned in Four Decades in Banking” (Williston); “Cybersecurity: The Threats to Our Industry” (Furlow); “Business Ethics: Wells Fargo and Mickey Gilley: Why All New Accounts Look Profitable at Closing Time” (Sussman); “Engaging Your Customer to Build Lasting Relationships” (Armstrong); “14 Credit Discipline Tools to Tune Up Your Bank’s Credit Culture” (Strischek); and “An Insider’s View of Community Banking and Its Future” (Blankenship). There will also be workshops on “Financial Information that New Bank Directors Should Know” (Chittenden) and “Capital, Growth and the M&A Outlook” (Wiley).

Download the 148th Assembly for Bank Directors brochure here.

For assembly registration and other information, contact SWGSB, SMU Box 214, Dallas, Texas 75275; 214/768-2991; info@swgsb.org. The SWGSB website is swgsb.org. Online registration is available at swgsb.org/directors.

Published in Bankers Digest November 5, 2018