Legend Bank Announces Results of ‘Walk This Way to Wellness’ Employee Health Challenge

On June 19, Bowie-based Legend Bank announced the results of its latest wellness challenge for employees.

Mickey Faulconer, Legend Bank’s president and CEO, was interested in a fun way to motivate employees to be more active. He met with members of the executive team, the HR director and marketing director about his vision. From those conversations, the “Walk This Way to Wellness” program was developed. It was designed as a step challenge based on making it to all of the bank’s locations. Legend Bank has branch locations from Fort Worth up to Wichita Falls and over to Bonham, so it naturally forms a triangle, and that’s how the step map was formed. Legend Bank employees were given three months, from March 1 to May 31, to walk 706,000 steps, which is the equivalent of 353 miles.

Every employee who made it around the Legend Bank locations triangle received an entry into the drawing for a free Apple Watch or iPad. For every 25,000 steps above 706,000, per employee, an additional entry was submitted to the drawing. Legend Bank also offered a special incentive for employees who made it to 1 million steps. They received an Apple Watch (or equivalent).

“Our employees…decorated their break rooms and branches with the ‘Walk This Way to Wellness’ map and charted their progress throughout the program,” Faulconer says. “I was so pleased to hear employees share stories with me about how they felt better and how they had established healthy new habits as a part of participating in this challenge.”

The results were impressive:

  • 66 percent of the Legend Bank workforce participated—that’s 90 employees and one board member;
  • 51 employees made it around the Legend Bank locations triangle—706,000 or more steps;
  • 38 employees walked at least 1 million steps and received an Apple Watch or equivalent; and
  • A total of 73,070,989 steps were taken throughout the challenge—the equivalent of 103 times around the Legend Bank locations triangle.

Legend Bank hosted two finish-line celebrations, one in Bowie and one in Bonham, to applaud employees for their accomplishments and award them with their Apple Watches. Matthew Gage, Legend Bank IT professional, was the winner of the Apple Watch drawing. 

In business for 128 years, Legend Bank NA has 10 locations throughout North Texas serving Bowie, Nocona, Decatur, Alvord, Henrietta, Bonham, Fort Worth, Sherman, Whitesboro and Wichita Falls. With total assets of more than $665 million, the bank is one of the largest cattle lenders in North Texas.

Published in Bankers Digest July 2, 2018